Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A total lack of respect.

My ex-husband takes our four kids for visitations every other weekend, and every Wednesday for a few hours. Before I get into anything, here's a little bit of background:

My ex-husband and I are (were, in his case) atheists/freethinkers. We didn't believe there was a God, and raised our children in a secular household. They were never brought to church or told there was a higher power, etc. We had agreed to let them find their own path, whatever that path may be.

Since the divorce, my ex-husband had decided that he's now a devout follower of Jesus. Good for him (and I don't mean that with sarcasm). But since he's made that decision, he's harassed our children. My children are made to listen to anti-evolution talk, talk about Jesus and God, and they are not allowed to offer a retort. They have to listen, but then aren't allowed to ask any questions or add to the conversation. When they explained that they were interviewed by a skeptic's podcast about their beliefs in God/Santa/Tooth Fairy, their aunt was so shocked she exclaimed in front of my kids, "That makes me need a cigarette!" One great lesson (listen, but don't speak for yourself) to another (I'm angry, so I'll smoke).

I have raised my children from day one to think for themselves. I want them to explore things on their own time. If they want to experience a church, we'll discuss denominations and I'll take them. If they want to learn about a foreign religion, we'll discuss them at length and them go to a service. I would never keep my kids from life experiences, nor would I make them believe what I believe, simply because I believe it. I want them to have many experiences, have lots of questions, and come to a conclusion that's right for them. What they experience at my ex-in law's house is sheer harassment. The best part is, however, he doesn't even get his religious 'facts' correct! Ahh. Awesome.

What to do? We had agreed to raise the kids to be rational freethinkers. Now, because he's had some great revelation for himself, he's forcing it upon them. There has to be some action I can take against this. If they want to ask him questions, great. If they want him to take them to church sometime, great. I want it to continue to be their decision, and he wants to indoctrinate them. Sigh.

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  1. Yes, it's unfortunate that some of the very best and worst things ever done have been done in the name of one religion or another. Sadly the proponents of a religion never live up to the tenets of that religion. It is one thing to have a joy in your life brought about by something (be it religion, a sport, or something else) but another thing entirely to ramrod that upon other people.